Meet Vivian Lee Founder of Kinflyte

May is AAPI Heritage Month and we chatted with Vivian Lee, founder of Kinflyte. Kinflyte shares a sustainably focused mission in their fight for pain-free posture support by revolutionizing the sports bra with ergonomic designs that fit every body type. Keep reading to learn more about Vivian’s inclusive anti-slouch tech sports bras and the advice she has on building a business she has for entrepreneurs everywhere. 


Please tell us a bit about your business.

Based in Southern California, Kinflyte is a sustainable-focused athleisure brand, and we specialize in pain-free sports bras with patented posture support. We address the pain points associated with wearing conventional sports bras, which are designed to restrict breast movement, but often cause pain in the neck, shoulders, and the trapezius muscles. Also, most major sports bra brands are limited in sizing.

We're on a mission to empower more women to be active, and we have a very size inclusive range of XS to 7XL and support bra cup sizes A to M.

As an AAPI business owner, what advice might you offer to other entrepreneurs? 

If you have a compelling product or service idea that solves a real problem, you're in a unique position that can make a real impact in the world. Really understand what you're trying to solve, and don't be afraid to take those calculated risks to realize your dream as an entrepreneur.

You're a mom - how do you think we can inspire the next generation to make a positive impact in this world? 

Two things immediately come to mind - inclusivity and sustainability. Embrace what makes us uniquely different, and appreciate how those differences can make our society better and more open minded. There is such a need to combat climate change, we need to focus on better sustainable practices, which will support the health of future generations and help protect our environment.

What gets you excited about the future of Kinflyte? What’s next for the brand? 

Kinflyte has been a labor of love and a bootstrapped business from the get-go, inspired by the journey we've shared with our customers. We have thoughtfully expanded our product line and added new product offerings based on customer feedback. I'm excited about the future. We are working to expand our distribution and revolutionize the sports bra category with ergonomically designed pieces that fit every body type.

Tell us, what’s your favorite Mightly piece? 

I would have to say the pajamas as they are absolutely darling and made with organic cotton. My daughter loves wearing her PJ sets, since they're so soft and comfortable to wear. 


Please take the time to learn more about Vivian’s inclusive anti-slouch tech sports bras at

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