Female Founder Lauren Gregor: Rent a Romper

Please meet Lauren Gregor, founder and CEO of Rent a Romper, and our next Women's History Month profile.


Tell us about your business: Rent a Romper is a rental clothing company for babies and toddlers because they (out)grow so fast. We offer families capsule memberships curated from over 200 quality brands delivered to their home so they take one thing off their to do list and together we can reduce fashion waste. 


Who is a woman (or women) that inspires you and why? I love Serena Williams. Not only did her athleticism and mastery of her sport amaze me, but she continues to be a model of how women are unlimited in our potential. We can be incredible athletes at the top of our game AND also build successful business ventures. We can advocate for change publicly AND be a proud and present parent. She does all of this AND importantly models self-care in saying NO when she needs to take time for herself and her family. 


As a business owner, what advice might you offer to other female entrepreneurs? Surround yourself with others who are in your corner. Entrepreneurship can be a lonely business at times, but friends and advisors who are willing to lend an ear, provide business advice and remind you of the progress you’ve made are critical to success. 


You’re a mom of two boys, how do you think we can inspire the next generation of young people to make a positive impact in this world? As a mom, I think exposing my kid to the world and modeling my own behavior will help grow them into caring people who want to make positive change. By letting them see the world through diverse experiences - people, nature, travel, food - I hope they develop an understanding that our world is a big and beautiful place and that all stories should be appreciated. Then I try to model for them with my actions - like going out of our way on a walk to pick up trash we see and throw it away or getting excited when I find a great item second hand. I feel like our young people are already inspired and we need to give them the tools. 


What gets you excited about the future of Rent a Romper? What’s next for the brand? I am excited to continue growing our community of families and the impact we can have collectively by extending the life of clothing. We are excited to partner with more brands, like Mightly ;), to bring great clothing to our families as well as more opportunities to rent products like coats and shoes!


Tell us, what’s your favorite Mightly piece? Our favorites are the shortie pajamas and the cotton sweats! My boys live in sweatpants. 

Our Values

We are four moms who together have nine kids and over 40 years of apparel industry experience. We founded Mightly to make the kind of clothes we want for our own kids: clothes that can handle any kind of adventure, are ethically made, and don’t cost a fortune.

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