About Us

Once upon a time there was a girl named Eloise. Eloise was eight and she loved looking awesome. She also loved to play. And she played hard! She played so hard that she wore through all her clothes. All her leggings had holes in the knees. Eloise didn't mind the holes nearly as much as she hated uncomfortable clothes (her mom did though). Eloise wanted fun, comfy clothes that she could play in. Her mom wanted clothes that could handle a kid like Eloise. Her mom also wanted clothes that didn't hurt the planet. Eloise decided she would start a company to make clothes for kids like her and she'd ask her mom to help. She named the company Mightly and she was the CKO (Chief Kid Officer).

Eloise is having a blast and wants to share what she's learning with you.

This is Tierra Forte.

She’s Mightly’s C.E.O. (And Eloise’s mom).

When Tierra was 8 she wanted to be an Esprit model. That dream didn’t last long, but her love for fashion did. When she grew up, she founded Del Forte Denim, a premium organic denim brand. Later, she helped develop and launch the Fair Trade standard for apparel factories. Before helping Eloise found Mightly, Tierra was the VP of Product for Pact Apparel, an organic and fair trade lifestyle brand.

This is Barrie Brouse.

She’s Mightly’s Creative Director.

When Barrie was 8 she was already designing and sewing using vintage materials. Over her 20 year career as a children’s wear designer, Barrie has brought her imaginative designs to life for brands big and small. Now she makes sure Mightly’s organic cotton clothes look and feel amazing. And most importantly, can handle a kid like Eloise.

This is Anya Marie.

She’s Mightly’s C.O.O.

When Anya was 8 she dreamed of running her own business. As an adult she has helped found and run various businesses, while at the same time working as an attorney on behalf of abused and neglected children and their families. Anya keeps Mightly running in tip-top shape and is always looking for ways to support other working moms and women entrepreneurs.

We Are Moms. We Know What Matters.