How to DIY You BEST Fall/Holiday Family Photos

Let's admit it, getting little ones dressed up and herding them together for a family photoshoot can be quite the ordeal, even more so when you have to scramble at the last minute. Maybe you suddenly realized the holidays are around the corner, and you want something fresh for holiday cards! Whatever the case may be, taking DIY family photos at home can be just the ticket. It can also be fun (at least my kids think so)! So, put on some matchy or coordinated outfits, grab your phone, and say cheese 📸!

What to wear?

First things first - your family's outfits! We love the matchy matchy look, and the coordinated color palette. Guess what, Mightly + Origin just launched our first ever Mommy & Mini collection that's perfect for the whole family (psst, we have dresses and basics that so all littles can match mom). The prints are fun, bright, and perfect for a more playful family photoshoot. If you're more into a muted color palette, opt for colors like olive and navy, and mix and match the solid colors from one print.

Another really fun option is a cozy indoor photo shoot in matching family pjs. Look no further, we've got the whole fam covered with our 100% organic cotton matching family pajamas!

Family DIY Photoshoot

I'm wearing the Rib Knit Dress Set in Rust, and my two big girls are wearing the Flower Child Twirl dresses. My toddler is wearing our Flower Child Scrunchie, and Mightly Long Sleeve tee in Raspberry also available in fall colors .

The perfect set-up

Before you start taking photos, invest in a tripod with a phone mount. This will help you capture the perfect framing by allowing you to adjust the height and angle. If you don't have a tripod, prop your phone on a stack of books or a shelf, a stool also works.

Taking photos yourself

Now, how do you actually take the photos? You can either set the self-timer on your phone's camera app or use a Bluetooth remote. If you own an Apple watch (my personal go-to), you can even use it as a remote control for your phone's camera. Don't be afraid to experiment with different poses and angles. Try taking photos from above, below, or at eye level.

Picture perfect poses 

Make it fun! Taking pictures of young children can be a tough job, so make sure to snap some solo shots of each child before the group shots. This will give you some individual shots to treasure. Have props like lights, toys, or leaves if you're outdoors. When taking family shots, mix it up with both posed and candid photos. Try simple poses like holding hands, hugging, or standing in formation. Then, let the kids play around or make silly faces for some spontaneous shots.

 Girls standing and posing DIY Photoshoot 

My girls standing with the littlest in the middle ❤️

Featured Styles: Flower Child print 3/4 Sleeve Twirl Dress, Long Sleeve Pock Tee & Mightly Leggings & Flower Child Scrunchie from Fall Fam Faves Collection

 Girls snuggly posing

Cozy on the front porch

Twirling girls 

Twirling fun

Editing made easy

Once you've taken the shots, it's time to edit them. Using editing apps like Lightroom can do wonders for your photos. Don't worry, you don't have to be a pro - just download some presets like Light & Airy or VSCO filters that are available for free or at a low cost. These presets can enhance the colors, brightness, and overall look of your pictures.

DIY Photo Editing

Original | Brightened up with Light & Airy Presets 

Lighting makes the difference

Last but not least, the lighting is a crucial factor in ensuring the success of your family photos. Aim for natural light if possible, and avoid flash photography, which can result in harsh shadows and unflattering skin tones. If you're shooting indoors, make sure you're facing the light source, and open up curtains and blinds to let in more light.

Family DIY Fall Holiday Photoshoot 

Taking DIY family photos can be fun and rewarding (even if it's a last minute decision). With these tips, you can create beautiful and memorable photos on a budget and in no time at all. So, gather the fam, grab some fun outfits, and start snapping away!


xx, Candice

Mightly CMO & Mama to Addie, Ellery, and Lilah


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