Gifting Guide

The Mightly’s 2022 Gift Guide: for however you holiday. 

From pajamas to activewear and everything in between - we’ve got the perfect gift for every little on your list - and a little something for you too! 

Keep reading to see Mightly’s 2022 Gift Guide!

For the Cozy Cuddlers

Pjs for the whole family, seriously. We have something for every family member with sizes ranging from our newly launched newborn romper, toddler and kid, and adult unisex sizes XS -  XXL. All sizes are available in a handful of prints so your entire family can mix and match together for those unforgettable photos. 


For the Dress Twirlers

Twirl all day - with pockets! These dresses aren't just any dresses, they have twirling powers that everyone who puts one on says are like nothing they have ever experienced before. Not only that, but they have super durable pockets for safekeeping all your little treasures. We have lots of purple hues (and more) to choose from. 

For the Little Jumpers

Quality activewear (and socks!) that last. Our organic cotton is not only earth-friendly, it's also play-friendly. These pieces are reinforced to last, and then to be passed down. Created in bold happy hues so they can always show off their colorful personalities. You can't go wrong with any of our essential basics.


For the Rebel Readers

The Rebel Girls Books X Mightly collaboration is perfect for those readers that stay up late in the night. The Rebel Girls X Mightly Collection is full of cozy styles that are great for picking up a book and snuggling up. Start here but don't forget your Rebel Girls Book. Plus, to make gifting easier, each Rebel Girls purchase from comes with a free gift bag. 

For the Legging Lovers

Layer away each and every day with the ease of Mightly organic cotton leggings. Super comfy, soft, tag-less, and of course, durable. Our leggings feature reinforced knees so you know you can let that kid play. They come in packs or pairs to suit  whatever your needs. Put them under dresses, or layer under pants in the winter. Give the gift of choice with a 2 pack. 

For the Mix N' Matchers

Mightly provides when it comes to colors and prints that match (or mix). Part of the fun of Mightly clothes are all the colors and prints they come in, they let you and your kids get creative with how they present themselves. Let the little one in your life choose to mix or match their favorite pieces when you gift them Mightly. 

 Whoever you’re shopping for, Mightly has so many great items for everyone on your list!  

Our Values

We are four moms who together have nine kids and over 40 years of apparel industry experience. We founded Mightly to make the kind of clothes we want for our own kids: clothes that can handle any kind of adventure, are ethically made, and don’t cost a fortune.

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