Female Founder Candice Collison: Of An Origin

As we celebrate Women's History Month, we wanted to highlight some of the stories and experiences of women we work closely with every day. 

We had the pleasure of speaking with Candice, the founder of Of an Origin, and future Mightly collab partner. Candice shared insights on her business, female role models, and advice for female entrepreneurs with us. Read on to learn about the inspiration behind her convertible clothing brand, the importance of empathy in inspiring future generations of women, and what's next for Of an Origin.

Tell us about your business: Of an Origin is a convertible capsule concept designed for early motherhood and beyond. I was inspired by my own needs for better, more sustainable clothing options while I was breastfeeding and postpartum. I wanted pieces that were made from natural and organic fabrics designed in simple but innovative multi-way designs that women could seamlessly transition beyond the early days.

Who is a woman (or women)  that inspires you and why? Oh my goodness so many! One is Tierra, Mightly's founder. Tierra is a leader in sustainable supply chain, and all around awesome mom and person. She has been an incredible mentor, and helped me in many ways to launch and grown Of an Origin. Another inspiring female founder is my former colleague and friend Bianca Gates, founder of Birdies. Bianca is visionary, and she brings her kids along the journey as she builds an incredible brand and company. Birdies recently earned B Corporation certified which is incredible, and I admire the brand she's built, her grace, and grit!

As a business owner, what advice might you offer to other female entrepreneurs? It sounds cliche, and it can be said about any big life move: there's never a perfect time to start something new. You'll always have hesitations. When you find yourself thinking (maybe obsessing) about a problem and potential solutions, and the cost of NOT doing that thing outweighs the cost of doing it - that's when you know it's a good time. I was intimidated by fundraising, and didn't fully understand the vast options to fund a business, or to start small enough that you don't break the bank in the early stages. I would emphasize the need to start small. Truly think of what the leanest version of your MVP (minimum viable product) is, and start there.

You’re a mom to three daughters, how do you think we can inspire the next generation of women to make a positive impact in this world? One thing I try to teach my girls everyday is empathy. To have any purpose-driven path, you have to be able to see outcomes for others and demand better outcomes. I think it all starts with empathy, and also vulnerability. I have looked up to leaders throughout my career that I saw as stoic, but now I see real leaders show empathy, vulnerability, and connection - they inspire others to have impact.

What gets you excited about the future of Of an Origin? What’s next for your brand? I'm thrilled with our early success on Target.com, the partnership is allowing us to connect with even more new mothers. I'm also so excited about the Mini + Me collaboration with Mightly. I'm learning so much more about operations and process, and could not be more excited for the capsules that we are working on together!

Tell us, what’s your favorite Mightly piece? I love the Twirl dresses. My girls play hard, and the quality is incredible. I love the drape and best of all, the pockets!

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