Hey, I'm Lili! I'm an artist & designer based in Santa Cruz, California. I began my creative career as a graphic designer (after working years in restaurants trying to land my first creative gig!). As my path in design continued to develop, I was able to learn & refine my skills in textile design, hand lettering, and illustration in addition to gradually developing an art business and beginning an ongoing collection of hand-made block prints. My goal is to continue creating interesting work, to never stop learning, and to give back whenever I can. I encourage all of you out there who have a creative inkling to give it a shot, even if it begins with just a crazy illustration from an idea you got from a weird dream, or maybe you finally want to try that paint set you won at a white elephant party, or maybe you decide to sort through the dusty drawer in the closet filled with yarn, or clay, or pastels, or watercolors … you won't regret it! You can see more of my work at liliarnold.com.