Collaboration and Community for a More Sustainable Future! 

written in collaboration with Rent-A-Romper

As a mom, I know how important it is to provide my children with clothing that is comfortable, durable, and safe for them and the planet. As an entrepreneur, I also know that the fashion industry contributes to more than 10% of global carbon emissions and is the second-largest consumer of the world’s water supply. [Ellen MacArthur Foundation]

That's why we have decided to collaborate with Mightly, another women-owned sustainable children's clothing brand, so that we can grow our impact and offer parents even more options. We share a passion for reducing fashion’s burden on our planet and for making sure our children have quality clothing to run, dance, and play.

Why We Want to Work Together

  • Provide More Quality Options for Sustainable Clothing at All Ages: Starting at birth, families can access a variety of quality brands with Rent a Romper’s Capsule Memberships which now include Mightly. You may have already received one of their fun twirl dresses in your capsule! And when our babies (out)grow Rent a Romper - because we know that will happen - we are excited to partner with Mightly for great discounts and offers to this community. Mightly is an obvious partner - prioritizing sustainability and making clothes for the way kids really play.
  • Women Supporting Women: At Rent a Romper, we are 100% women owned and mom operated, so there is nothing we love more than seeing other women win. So when I met Mightly Co-Founders Tierra Forte, Barrie Brouse and Anya Marie, I thought immediately about how we could collaborate to support each other and help provide our communities with even better experiences. With Mightly, we get to add really fun and durable clothing to our inventory - which is a win for all of us. 
  • Dreaming of a Future of Fashion as Doing Good, Not Just Looking Good: We envision a future where sustainable fashion is the norm, not the exception. We hope that our partnership can inspire other businesses, big and small, to join us in this journey towards sustainability. We want to share our knowledge, our experiences, and our challenges, and learn from others who are also committed to making a difference.
  • We know that we can't change the fashion industry overnight, but we believe that every step counts - and by doing it together we only grow our impact. 

    To learn more about making more sustainable choices, head on over to our Instagram page and listen to Lauren Gregor, Founder of Rent a Romper, and Tierra Forte, Co-Founder and CEO of Mightly, share their lessons for growing a business focused on what’s best for kids and the planet. 

    Our Values

    We are four moms who together have nine kids and over 40 years of apparel industry experience. We founded Mightly to make the kind of clothes we want for our own kids: clothes that can handle any kind of adventure, are ethically made, and don’t cost a fortune.

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