Green Your Halloween

If your household is like mine, you are not planning on ditching Halloween this year, but ditching store bought, plastic, and single-use costumes? YES!

Halloween is a big deal for families and this year there is no reason to miss out on any of the fun. Whether you are planning a socially distant candy-treat scavenger hunt, or a spooky walk around the neighborhood counting pumpkins and goblins, a great costume is still the key to having fun.
In recent years, about 65% of Americans purchased costumes for Halloween instead of swapping used ones with friends or DIY-ing. If that isn’t bad enough, the majority of purchased costumes end up in landfills, generating spooky and scary plastic waste. YIKES!
It’s time to get creative! If you aren’t so much of a maker but want a quick and eco-friendly solution, start with pajamas. Mightly Pajamas are a great organic cotton base for any costume since they are comfy and keep kids cozy throughout the day and into the night.
Animal print pajamas like our Gold Leopard or Pink Leopard are perfect for transforming into a cat with a homemade fuzzy tail, a headband with fuzzy ears attached, and a simple face painting of whiskers and a pink nose. Sounds puurrrfect!
Ready to zip, zap, zoom to the moon? Space-themed costumes are great because they create reasons for kids to explore cool facts about planets, why the moon changes shape each night, and gravity. If you are looking for a sibling-friendly costume, here’s one that is out of this world. Mightly Galaxy Pajamas are a colorful take on what you see in the night sky. We have shooting stars running across a midnight navy background, just like you are looking through a telescope. 
What about the planets, your little ones ask? Here’s an idea . . . how about taking some scraps of non-toxic modeling dough or make your own with an easy recipe. Next, form your favorite planets (and maybe even some imaginary ones too) and leave them out to dry. Don’t forget to insert a bamboo stick or something pokey through the center of each planet before drying. Once the planets are ready, find a scrap piece of string or ribbon to thread through each planet “bead” to form a necklace or belt, and get ready to orbit! 
Your space partner or resident astronaut is also very important. Do you have any insulated box liners from a recent delivery? If so, turn it upside down and cut a small opening at the top large enough for a head to pass through comfortably. Next, line up where the armholes need to be and cut holes to allow arms to move freely up and down. For pants, you can do the same thing, but this time the opening is right side up and the leg holes will be at the flat bottom. You can cinch these two pieces together with a belt or tape, but if you do the latter, make sure to include a slit in the back for easy on and off, especially for bathroom breaks. Lastly, transform your bike helmet into an astronaut helmet and snow boots into moon walkers. This costume is one small step for fun and one giant step in keeping things green!
If you are thinking more “blast from the past,” start with a twirly skirt or a Skater Dress. Simply add a belt at the waist and a neck scarf knotted to the side or tied to a pony tail, covering the rubber band. Next, put on a pair of white fold-over socks and some simple tennis shoes or flats. If you feel up for an extra challenge, cut some ribbon and sew (or glue) on a dog leash to the skirt with a few loops. Then, take some felt or fabric that won’t fray easily on the edges, and cut out a poodle silhouette. You can add some decorations like rhinestones to a collar or draw on face details too. Then it’s time for a trip to the soda fountain and a sock hop!
Are your kids readers and do they easily get lost following their favorite characters in stories of adventures and magical journeys? A favorite author and also local Bay Area resident, Michael Chabon, wrote The Astonishing Secret Life of Awesome Man and we have just the outfit to match. Our Long Sleeve Organic Cotton Raglan T-Shirt in red and navy is just what you need. To complete the outfit, pair it with jeans and red sneakers. Of course, if you want to keep your secret identity safe, be prepared to add a cape and eye mask!
Best witches for a haunting Halloween!


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